There is something soothing about wrapping your baby in a cotton baby blanket. Cotton has remained popular despite the fact that other fabrics have come and gone. This soft fabric is a perennial favourite for clothing and baby blankets. It is a breathable material that is soothing in swaddling blankets and reassuring in security blankets. 

Cotton, like its popularity, is a long-lasting fabric. It can withstand everyday wear and tear, multiple wash cycles, and even tug of war.Nothing is more painful than having to take away something your child adores; fortunately, the durability of this material is ideal for babies who do not always play gently. Purchase a blanket that you know will last for years to avoid a situation like this.

Organic cotton blankets are in high demand among parents. Not only is it reassuring to know that your baby blankets are made of a long-lasting material, but organic cotton is also grown without the use of chemicals, making it completely safe for baby's delicate skin!Cotton is also known for its versatility, as a cotton baby blanket can be used all year. Your baby can enjoy his blanket regardless of the weather because it is made of breathable material. Even when it is hot outside, kids enjoy snuggling. It is simple to weave into a light fabric for summer or a heavier fabric for cold winter nights to drape your baby in. You can wrap your baby in a cotton blanket without worrying about them overheating. Cotton will keep your child warm in the cold by retaining their body heat.

Cotton is popular among designers as well as parents and children. Cotton is a breeze to work with, especially when it comes to sewing. Over the years, personalised baby items have grown in popularity. Expectant mothers will appreciate personalised baby blankets as baby shower gifts. Even after your baby has outgrown the blanket, having your child's name and birthday embroidered on it makes for a great keepsake. Cotton's durability ensures that the blanket will last. Cotton is also a relatively simple fabric to dye. This opens up an infinite number of colour and design possibilities. Whatever colour scheme the nursery has, you will be able to find something that works.

These are just a few of the characteristics that keep cotton on top. This long-lasting fabric keeps parents from reaching for their wallet all the time, while keeping your baby warm and happy. While your baby's clothes may outgrow them, a good blanket will last for years. Organic cotton is becoming more popular, and it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. This timeless classic will not be replaced anytime soon, given the variety of materials that can be made from cotton. Cotton blankets will be wrapped around their babies for years to come.

Below are the top 5 Animal Theme Cotton Baby Blankets for this Summer:

1.Lions of Africa- Pale Whisper 100% Organic Cotton Knitted All Seasons AC Blanket for Babies

2. Jungle Safari Med Aqua 100% Cotton Knitted All Seasons AC Blanket for Babies

3. Mumma and Baby Bunny Grey 100% Cotton Knitted All Seasons AC Blanket for Babies

4. Elephants - Dark Grey 100% Cotton Knitted All Season AC Blanket for Kids

5.Jungle Safari Neon Pink 100% Cotton Knitted All Seasons AC Blanket for Babies