Let us be clear, neutrals cannot be defined as being devoid of color or as the ideal blank canvas. This is because, as any good interior designer will tell you, colors have undertones, and understanding the subtleties is what makes a room come alive.

A neutral color is one that does not have a lot of intensity or saturation. The four most common neutral colors are, without a doubt, white, black, brown, and grey. Of course, there are also ivory, beige, and taupe tones.

Neutrals are especially useful when you want to make your space appear larger than it is.If you live in a city apartment, you understand how valuable space is. And good luck to you if you are in a place like Iviumbai! Neutrals help to open up spaces. Neutral colors do not stand out or draw attention to themselves. This, for lack of a better term, makes them a great blank canvas. But that is not all.

Below are top 5 color neutral cushion covers:

  1. Popcorn - Natural Color Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (16" x 16")

POPCORN Knitted Cushion Covers will nourish your interior decor. This exquisitely knitted and patterned cushion cover (No Fill Inside) with attached tassels is expertly knitted in 100% Premium Quality Cotton. Free of potentially harmful substances. Handfeel is extremely soft.

  1. Mateo - Pale Whisper Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (16" x 16")
  • Color: Pale Whisper
  • Size: 40 cm x 40 cm (16" x 16")
  • No Filler Inside
  • Knitted with Ultra - Soft Handfeel
  • Easily removable cover with YKK Zipper at Bottom

  1.  Bubble - Sandy Brown Pure Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (18" x 18")

This ultra soft cotton knitted cushion cover will complement your decor. It is a lovely addition to your bed or couch that adds a modern and sophisticated look to your space.

  1. Bubble - Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (Dove Beige & Natural) (18" x 18")
  • 100% Combed Knitted Cotton Cushion Cover
  • Color: Front - Dove Beige & Back - Natural
  • Size: 45 cm x 45 cm (18" x 18")
  • No Filler Inside
  • Knitted with Ultra - Soft Handfeel

  1. Zig Zoe - Light Grey Melange, Dark Grey & Mustard Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (20" x 20")

Zig Zoe Knitted Cushion Cover will complement your decor. This lovely Quilted Cushion Cover with Piping (No Fill Inside) is expertly knitted from 100% Combed Quality Cotton.