The celebration of Lohri kicks off with the start of the New Year. The winter solstice is commemorated across the country, but especially in India’s northern areas. Lohri, the winter harvest celebration, is steeped in tradition, with dancing around the bonfire, folklore transmission, and, of course, plenty of wonderful dishes like ‘gajjak’. Along with ancient customs, Lohri is seeing an increase in modern traditions such as spending the day with friends and family for celebrations and a feast. Make sure you do not go empty-handed if your Lohri plans look like this. When you select one of these 8 Lohri gift ideas, you will be a shining visitor.

1. Throws, Throw Blankets, Knitted Throws

Throw blankets are a simple and popular gift for Lohri. Who does not want to be wrapped up in luxury and feel warm and cosy? Throw blankets, which are often composed of high-end fabrics, provide a softer, more pleasant feel than traditional blankets. This is why you should give throw blankets from Pluchias a present this holiday season. Throw blankets, unlike many other blankets, are luxurious and composed of materials like cashmere, silk, and other fuzzy yarns. 

2. Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa blanket is really soft and cuddly, and it is lightweight, so it is ideal for cuddling beneath on those chilly winter evenings. Sherpa fabric also offers similar wicking capabilities to cotton, making it a safe choice for baby blankets. It is made of strong thread that is even stitched together securely for added strength – it is the ideal present! Blankets with double-fold edges have become the norm since they assure that your gift for this Lohri will survive the test of time. 

3. Home Decor Baskets

We have never encountered a set of home baskets that we did not like! These are great for keeping little things organised, whether large or small and come in a variety of natural weaves and colours. Home baskets are great for keeping packaged foods together in the pantry, and there is no better way to keep children’s toys organised in playrooms. Baskets may be seen on bookcases, in bathrooms, and in nearly every room of the house. Pluchi is a great place to get some! This basic yet stylish storage basket for your house can help you organise your knickknacks. This basket is also a terrific addition to your decor since it is knitted in fine combed cotton in smooth and relaxing colours.

4. Baby Blankets

A newborn winter blanket is an absolute requirement as a present for Lohri as the new year begins. Warm, skin-friendly, and comfortable blankets are great for keeping your baby warm on chilly winter evenings. Baby blankets come in a variety of materials, but there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a baby winter blanket from Pluchi for Lohri gifts. Check to see whether your blanket has a cotton layer below it. Cotton is the most practical and skin-friendly material for your baby’s clothing.

5. Scarf

Pluchi scarves make fantastic Lohri presents since they last a long time. Scarves are cherished and worn by their owners for many years. Beautiful scarves received as gifts might be carried down as heirlooms. Many women feel that wearing a scarf helps them seem more put-together, therefore they try to include it into their wardrobe on a regular basis.