For many children living across the world, Christmas is the much-awaited festival of the year. One of the undeniable highlights of Christmas is ripping open the expertly-wrapped gifts that have been calling your name from under the Christmas tree. During his nocturnal journey around the world in a sleigh, Christmas gifts are given by Santa Claus for the children. 

Many stories dates back to the beginning of the culture. Of course, we will not be going to bore you with the stories but let’s know a little about the gifting tradition. As the winters have set in and Diwali has passed away, Christmas gifting can be your next big problem as browsing over internet and wandering around retail stores can be very hectic in your daily schedule. 

While remembering about the tradition, we will also try to solve your Christmas gifting problems as Pluchi have something amazing in the stores for you. 

1. Christmas Stockings

One of the mandatory Christmas gifts you will need is the Christmas Stockings, with which you can decorate your tree or interiors. Also, Santa will leave the gifts in them only.  If you’re looking for some of the quirky and soft Christmas Stockings, then Pluchi is the one you that has got you covered with big stockings that has more room than the rest. Also, it has a very soft hand feel as it is made from 100% premium combed cotton.

It is available in wide variety of attractive and vibrant colors and designs. Also, you can buy them all and hang them on a rope. It will provide an elegant and positive vibe to your space.  GO! Do have a look at these Christmas Gift Online at If not in a mood for gifting, it will surely amp your living space during winters. 

2. Popcorn Designed – Red colored Cotton-knitted Throw Blanket

How about a fashionable throw that is spread over your furniture? All-season throws blankets not only add colour to the surroundings but also, are the perfect way to add warmth to your home, especially during winters.

The red popcorn-stitched pattern is surely a lovely piece as itvibes up the place. Be it the bed frame, a cotton quilt, or a cushion cover, patterns bring a different vibe to the space. The texture of the blanket is very smooth and it doesn’t pill and loose its colour while washing.

Your living room is the soul of the house. Decorate your living room with a red popcorn-stitched cotton-knitted throw blanket that will provide a different look to your interiors during the Christmas and wintery season.

3. Hot Water Bottle Covers

Why leave your hot water bottle when amping up your space for Christmas? 

Give your old hot water bottle a new and vibrant Christmassy look. With a wide variety of Hot Water Bottle Covers by Pluchi, you can adorn your hot water bottle with a removable cover with zip closure. Made from 100% Premium Combed Soft Cotton and available in exciting colors and designs, these covers are devoid of any harmful substances. Hot water bottle covers by Pluchi can handle 2-liter water bottles easily protecting you from serious burns and amping your space. Do have a look at the amazing hot water bottle covers for Christmas online at:

Some fun fact about Christmas:

The act of gift-giving at Christmas dates many years and centuries back to the Three Kings. The birth of Jesus is a well-known story but to recap; after giving birth, Mary, Joseph, and their new baby boy visited Biblical Magi (Three King) who bore gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 

But before Jesus even stepped on the scene, ancient Romans were known to exchange gifts during a winter solstice holiday Saturnalia. When the Roman Empire came under Christian rule, many new followers of faith found themselves holding onto the early December custom even before the ‘25th December’ was made the official date of Jesus’ birth. 

4. Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa blankets are soft polyester-knitted blankets on one side and are adorned with soft Sherpa on another side. This blanket is perfect to snuggle on a wintery night or even Christmas eve is a tough thing.  There are available various vibrant designs and the fabric is soft, contains anti-wrinkle properties, and is machine washable. Looking for a rememberable gift for your loved one or amping your space for Christmassy winter? Surely, you will not regret buying these Christmas Gifts online by Pluchi. Choose from the eye-catching designs at:

5. Soft Toys 

A must-buy accessory for you if you have to become the Santa for your child, this Christmas. Babies and kids extremely love soft toys. Pluchi provides a wide range of soft toys in the form of animal characters that can become a true friend of your child while they grow up. These soft toys are extremely safe for your children as they are made of 100% premium combed cotton. Be it a small hand for a 2-year-old or an 8-year-old kid, Pluchi has toys for all types of hand sizes. If you want to see your little one happy and give him something real, soft toys are perfect for comfortable sleep and snuggling in the blanket. Check out your little’s best friends here:

6. Kids Blankets

Knitted with 100% Premium Cotton in front, Polyester Faux Fur at the back, and beautifully printed with eye-catching designs, these kids winter blankets by Pluchi can be the super-soft and cozy addition to your child’s room or can be gifted to your loved ones who are soon expecting a little munchkin. Do have a look at kids blanket adorned with attractive designs:

Another famous story relating to Christmas is of Saint Nicholas Day. Usually, on Christmas Eve, when Christmas stockings are hung to the Christmas tree and filled with soft toys, candies, cash, or other small gifts. One could also give warm Sherpa blankets, throws, kids blankets, and many other gifts like a Christmas gift to your loved ones. 

Some more facts about Christmas gifting tradition:

Saint Nicolas was a 4th Century Bishop who was known for his kindness and generosity, often handing out gifts to poor children. Touched by his actions, people in Europe adopted the gift-giving tradition. After his death, the date of 6 December was dedicated to celebrating the life of the Saint.  

With all the stunning design options available, Pluchi has made your Christmas gifting and decorating a perfect and easy process. All the products by Pluchi are made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified cotton which ensures that they do not contain harmful substances. You can check our other home décor products which will serve just right for occasion Christmas Gifting at: