Sherpa is a soft and fluffy knit fabric that is commonly used to line clothes, winter apparel, and even household objects. The material lends a cosier feel to any product, making it ideal for usage during the cooler months.

The extraordinarily soft and sumptuous texture of Sherpa is its trademark. Sherpa is a natural fibre that resembles wool or sheepskin and is an excellent eco-friendly alternative to fleece. Sherpa is of comparable quality to the aforementioned materials, and no animals are harmed in the process!

What is a Sherpa blanket? 

Fleece material is used in a Sherpa blanket, however, it is not made of sheepskin. Sherpa looks like fleece, but it is composed of polyester, hence it is also known as false sheepskin or faux shearling. To imitate fleece, some manufacturers utilise acrylic and cotton.


A Sherpa material can be distinguished by its two separate sides, one of which is rough like fleece and the other of which is a smooth knit that feels like suede. Later, we will evaluate Sherpa and fleece in greater depth to help you determine which material is best for your blanket.

What is the origin of the name Sherpa?

The name Sherpa comes from the Sherpa people of Nepal, who wore garments that resembled the faux sheepskin fabric. Is Sherpa a man-made fibre? While Sherpa material is designed to seem like natural sheepskin, it is comprised of synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester.

You can also tell that, although being as soft as fleece, the Sherpa material is extremely light. It does, however, come in a variety of colours and is a popular choice for individuals who want the feel of a fleece blanket but want it to be easier to care for. Sherpa blankets provide a number of advantages over typical fur blankets.

Are Sherpa Blankets from Pluchi Comfortable?

Sherpa blankets are known for being warm without being excessively heavy or thick. This is one of their best qualities. This makes the Sherpa blanket ideal for new mothers, newborns, and even the elderly who wish to stay warm in the winter. What keeps Sherpa blankets so toasty?

The double-sided material of these blankets helps to keep you warm during the winter months. It not only has the appearance and feel of sheepskin, but it also has the same winter-friendly insulating capabilities as real fur. You should be able to easily find several Sherpa blanket sizes, ensuring that you are well-wrapped.

Pluchi is an excellent choice to go if you are seeking high-quality sherpa blankets. They contain a 100% Premium Combed Cotton Knitted Blanket on top of a High-Quality Warm Sherpa Fabric.