Baby blankets continue to be important in the lives of both infants and toddlers. Baby blankets have numerous advantages in addition to providing warmth for your child. Throughout childhood, the familiarity of a specific blanket creates a sense of warmth and security. Having a favourite blanket to cuddle with can help relieve tension that you may not be aware your baby is experiencing. Depending on the sort of blanket from Pluchi, you can use it to provide visual, audio, and tactile stimulation to your baby. While the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a blanket is how lovely it is, there are a few ways that baby blankets can aid in your child’s growth.

Below are the different types of blankets available on Pluchi

1. Baby AC Blankets

Pluchi has a wide range of baby AC blankets.Pluchi’s AC blankets are extremely fluffily delicate, natural, and healthful for your baby’s best well-being, making them ideal for little babies. All blankets from Pluchi are ideal for summers, spring, autumn, monsoon and these blankets can be used throughout the year. All AC blankets from Pluchi are made from pure cotton and have ultrasoft hand touch. The blankets are highly breathable and are available in different patterns like Transport theme, Jungle & Animal Theme, Stars Theme.

2. Baby Organic Blankets

The baby Organic Blankets is made of superior grade 100 percent organic cotton, making it exceptionally soft, cosy, and ideal for babies and toddlers. It is hypoallergenic, stretchable, and wrinkle-resistant, and it is appropriate for all seasons and climates, so put it to use to ensure your baby or toddler gets the greatest sleep possible. It is ideal for babies from the age group of 0-18 months and is perfect for an AC blanket for all seasons. Summers are cool and cosy, and winters are warm. Knitted and breathable material. It has Ultra Soft handfeel. For washing, always  Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low, use cool Iron (if necessary), Do Not Bleach and only use mild detergents.

3. Baby Quilted Blankets

When it comes to purchasing items for babies, we cannot afford to skimp on quality. The skin of a baby is delicate and prone to allergies. We need to choose a product that does not scratch or feel rough. Touch is extremely gentle. Pluchi Quilts are a one-of-a-kind product for children. Our quilts are so tightly knit that the threads do not rip easily because we bet on quality. In addition, even after multiple washes, the quilt structure remains the same. To put it another way, we may say that this quilt can resist multiple machine washes. Above all, the colours used are non-toxic and child-friendly. Washcare: Dry Clean/ Spot Clean only.


4. Baby Winter Blankets

Pluchi has learned a lot about the fundamentals of quilting over the years. Comfortable and airy Baby winter blankets are ideal for cold winters. The softest organic fabric, cotton, is used to sew these very warm blankets. This fabric is breathable because it is made of cotton. As a result, your youngster will have no trouble breathing through the coverlet.


We handpick blankets that are delicate to the touch and gentle on the skin. Pluchi Baby blankets are more than just a source of warmth. It is a legacy that will be passed on to future generations. We offer the finest quilts as the largest producers of baby blankets. In the winter, keep warm with a cotton knitted sweater with a faux fur back. Animal themes are available. To keep your baby warm and snug, add this super soft and fuzzy addition to their nursery. Ideal for children aged 0 to 18 months. Knitted with a luxuriously soft handfeel.