Hi, guys. Hope you're doing well. I'm super excited today because I've done a lot of home shopping and home shopping makes me really happy.

Hi, guys. Hope you're doing well. I'm super excited today because I've done a lot of home shopping and home shopping makes me really happy. I discovered this amazing brand called Pluchi, which is into cotton knits and they'regreat, like, you know, they have their own manufacturing unit and stuff. But on the whole it’s the aesthetic of the brand that totally resonated with me and I'm very excited to share with you guys.

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Let's start with the cushion covers.

The first one I want to show you is this fuchsia pink cushion cover that I got. I wanted to add a little bit of color to my home, especially during the summer, and this one was just perfect for that. Have a look at the way the nit is and it's usually soft and something that you can use on a daily basis. So, I kind of love this.

The other one is this really cute bohemian looking cushion cover again, how we look at the net. It is so pretty and of course, these tassels that I totally love.

The third one is another adorable one. Look at this. This one is a little finer knit and of course, these pom-poms that I totally love.

The fourth one is this. I'm going to use this in my bedroom. I love the way it looks and the way it feels is just perfect. Have a closer look here.

To go with this cushion covers, I ordered throws.

If you've been following my vlog, you know that I have been totally crushing overThrows recently because I think they're like really versatile piece of décor And I love the way they add this little bit of warmth to a space. And at the same time, they're very practical, especially now with the airconditioner. You know, you're watching TV and you want something you can just snuggle in. This is just perfect for that.

In fact, the Pluchithrows are just perfect for something like that. Just how we look at this, how pretty is this knit! And it's gotten so it's easy to maintain. You can just throw it in the washing machine and, you know, you can use it daily. In fact, something like this I would even keep in my car. So, like my daughter or something, she wants to sleep or snuggle. And this is just perfect for something like that.

In fact, I love this so much that I ordered another color in the same. Wait, let me show you that it's this. Isn't this kind of gorgeous? It's this lovely English rose color that I absolutely love. So, yes, I am. You're going to see a lot of color in my home now, hopefully with Pluchi

The third Throw that I got and I, again, adore it's got a very, very pretty weaveAnd again, it falls really beautifully. We see it's just so pretty, isn't it?

So, other than the cushions and the Throws, there's something very exciting. I got these lovely cotton baskets.

So, you know, I was kind of bored of organizing my things in threes. So, these are something that are just so nice to keep in your bedroom or even in your living space to keep your remotes and things like that and, you know, the green one is just great to add a little bit of color to your space.

Talking about bedrooms, I did indulge in a lot of quilts, and this one is an absolute favorite.

Just look how thin it is and it is so soft. I can't even tell you. I can't wait to use this and isn’t it a lovely pattern, just look at it so pretty.

Last but not the least, I have this amazing blanket with this lovely charcoal grey color. This one's a little heavier, but it's great to add some definition to your bed and, Just look at it. How nice the set design looks? And of course, it's reversible so you can use it in the light green color as well. Isn't this amazing? You know, it's the feel of the products that I can I can't explain to you, how lovely it is?

Similar to this, I have another one which comes with a matching pillow cover. This is the design, nice checkerboard pattern, like neutral, and it comes with a matching pillow cover. So, it's great for layering or styling your bed that it is.

Last, I got this beautiful hot water bottle cover, which is great for times when you typically use a napkin, took out water bottle. So, this is a nice solution,it fits well, looks good and is very convenient.

That's about my shopping and if you are as excited as I am,do leave a comment below and give me suggestions on how I can style these gorgeous products, do check out the website www.pluchi.com.

Thank you so much for watching the video. Have a great day!!