Do you recall the first time you moved into your own place? The home seems like promise of good times to come and possibly a few too many late hours binge-watching Netflix on your hand-me-down couch—despite the fact that the walls are empty and the carpets smell like soap from the cleaners you spent to shampoo them. After some time, you assemble the end tables, hang some pictures, and get a monogrammed cutting board for your kitchen. Before you realize it, entering your home brings a grin to your face.The sight of the new slipcover on your hand-me-down couch makes you feel a little fancy, and generally speaking, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. When you walk by a loved one's portrait, you are reminded of happy times spent with them.

Why is this procedure important? The way we decorate our homes gives us the chance to design the kind of space we like and reveals a lot about who we are. Which personality type are you, an extrovert setting up as many seats as you can to gather everyone together or an introvert planning the ideal reading book?There are countless opportunities to make your imprint and create an environment where you and your loved ones will thrive, from the colors you choose to the quantity of throw pillows you add to the sofa. Simple color choices can produce a relaxing environment, warm tones can make a home snug and inviting, and strong patterns can make an entertainment room vibrant and exciting.

Pluchi has launched their own New Home Decor Products which are as below:

  1. Cotton Quilt

In the case of a quilt, the stitching that creates the motifs and patterns is its most important decorative component. A patchwork of fragments from various fabrics that have been stitched together to create the desired design and pattern frequently makes up the outer cover. Quilts are made of real materials, sometimes with no filling at all or with very little. As a result, quilts are incredibly breathable and practical in seasons like summer and spring. However, having historical backdrop quilts has many benefits. It can be used as bedding as well as for decorations, memorials, artwork, etc. Modern clothing now frequently incorporates quilting techniques.

Top 3 quilts from Pluchi are:

  1. Quardline Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Oat)

  1. Astral Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Indus Blue)

  1. Botanic Mist Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Pink Pearl)

  1. Bed Cover

High-quality Bed Covers are soft, long-lasting, and do not retain body heat. The improper kind of Bed Covers can make for a very miserable night of sleep since while we sleep, our bodies emit heat.You should take into account elements like your budget, the type of fiber, size, and weave while looking for the ideal Bed Coverfor your home. Although the thread count is not particularly significant, many brands place a lot of emphasis on it. The ability to make bedsheets with a higher thread count is a result of the manufacturing process; nevertheless, this does not imply that they are of higher caliber.

Top 3 Bed Covers from Pluchi are:

  1. Zig Zag Blue Daisy 100% Cotton Knitted King Size Bed Cover with 2 Pillow Cover & 3 Cushion Cover Set (Set of 6 pcs Polyfill inside)

  1. Zig Zag Vanilla Grey Melange 100% Cotton Knitted King Size Bed Cover with 2 Pillow Cover & 3 Cushion Cover Set (Set of 6 pcs Polyfill inside)

  1. Zig Zag Pale Whisper 100% Cotton Knitted King Size Bed Cover with 2 Pillow Cover & 3 Cushion Cover Set (Set of 6 pcs Polyfill inside)

  1. Cushion Covers

Your living room can be decorated in your own personal style with the correct set of cushion covers. Since your bedroom is the focal point of your house, you will want to keep it looking fashionable and well-organized at all times. The nice part is that such adaptable home decor may be used in a variety of ways. You can lay down on these plush cushions when you arrive home at the end of the day to feel quite comfortable. Use these simple-to-use and beautify décor accessories whenever you feel that your bed set or sofa set needs to be modified. When they enter your home and see printed or trendy décor pieces, your visitors and friends become enthralled.

Top 3 Cushion Covers from Pluchi are:

  1. Graham - Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (Dove Beige & Natural) (18" x 18")

2.Fabiola Cotton Knitted Cushion Cover in Steel Blue Color

  1. Family Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover in Brown & Natural Color (30cm X 50cm)