We are in the middle of December, and the year is about to end. As the residents of Delhi and nearby just witnessed the lowest temperature (4 Degrees), we can assume how low the temperature will fall in the coming days. Of course, this is the time when we feel hard to get out of our blankets in the morning. This New Year, one thing you want to do is stay cozy without spending too much money on heaters or water heaters.

Be it winter shopping for your wardrobe, or be it your winter shopping for your bed, deciding the best material can be overwhelming. But as a home décor brand, we take the responsibility of helping you choose the best material for your blanket, this winter. 

Also, if you are planning to buy a blanket and are confused between the two, we will help you decide between a Sherpa blanket and Fleece Blanket. Sherpa blanket is a type of fleece, but it has different qualities, that make it soft and warm. We will cover all of their qualities and differences from regular fleece blankets. Lets’ read on and find out more about the two. 

What are Sherpa Blankets?

Made of Sherpa fabric, the blankets are smooth knit on one side and the fluffy side on another. Derived from Sherpa fleece, it is a type of synthetic fleece made from 100% polyester and has natural wool properties the same as wool. This fabric is most preferred as it is soft, warm, and lightweight. Be it for the baby blankets or adult sherpa blankets can serve best to all in winters. Also, it is less costly than the original wool. So, you can stay warm on budget and might shop throws or Sherpa blankets or even baskets to light up your interiors during Christmas. 

What are Fleece Blankets?

Fleece Fabric was originated in Malden Mills (now Polartec LLC) in 1979. Available in different weights and styles, it is differentiated by its fluffy nap when compared to Sherpa fabric. You may be surprised to know that all fleece fabrics are brushed on at least one side of the fabric to pull loose fibers from the weave and create a plush and soft pile.

Generally, fleece fabric is synthetic and made from polyester. The popular version of this cozy winter fabric includes polar fleece, microfleece, lycra-blend fleece, and French terry fleece. 

Now, that we have told you something about the Sherpa blanket and Fleece Blanket, there might be some clarity as to which one you should go for this winter. To provide you with more clarity, we will be going in-depth with the core differences in both fabrics. 

Differentiating Between the Two Blankets: Sherpa Blanket and Fleece Blanket

While the main difference between fleece fabric and Sherpa fabric is that Sherpa looks like sheepskin, is double-sided, and tends to be softer. One amazing fact here is that a fleece blanket can be made with different types of material instead of Sherpa, but Sherpa-type material can be used in a normal fleece blanket. 

When we buy winter clothes or even a blanket, we select the product by judging the quality of fabric on various parameters. Let’s compare the Sherpa blanket and Fleece blanket, and get a better idea of what to expect from each kind of fabric.  


When compared in terms of warmth, both Sherpa blankets and fleece blankets score the top position. But it is believed that Sherpa blankets are warmer and softer than fleece blankets. It does a great job trapping in tapping the heat in its soft, faux-wool nap. 


Available in various sizes and distinct levels of thickness from lightweight to slightly scratchy microfleece to thick, blanket-like polar fleece. On the other hand, Sherpa fabric is usually a light knit with a fuzzy velvet pile on the other side and is not thick. 


No doubt, Sherpa blanket is way softer than any other kids of fleece blankets. 

Moisture Wicking

As Sherpa Blankets and Fleece Blankets are made from synthetic material, they can pull the moisture away from the skin using tiny, built-in capillaries.

Ease of Care

Sherpa fabrics and Fleece fabrics are from the same material -Synthetic material. They both are machine washable and can be easily washed in cold water. Pluchi’s Sherpa blankets are easy to maintain and do not pill easily. 


Sherpa blankets provide you with more heat, keeping you warm in chilly winters. They also have a soft touch, elegant and quirky designs that can liven up your room. Therefore, they are slightly costlier than fleece blankets. For instance, you can have a look at quirky designed Sherpa blankets by Pluchi: https://pluchi.com/collections/sherpa-blankets-throws

To Sum Up

Based on the above-discussed points, we can conclude that Sherpa blankets are a little pricier than fleece blankets, but it justifies their price in the long term and does not let one feel that they have made a wrong choice. Being soft, durable, and consisting of vibrant designs, it justifies it’s price in the long term. If you do not believe this fact, try considering our recommendation and using Pluchi Sherpa Blankets

Checking Out on Our Sherpa Blankets

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Dorothy – Ivory Colour Cotton Knitted Blanket with Warm Sherpa Fabric

Here’s another Sherpa Blanket that will keep your winters cosy. It is knitted with cotton and layered with Sherpa fabric which makes it super soft and an attractive addition to your bed room. A colour mix of light black, grey, and white colours creates an eye-catching design and style. It is breathable and machine washable. Check it out here: https://cutt.ly/pUt4oSY



Here are some unanswered questions that will clarify your doubt about Sherpa Blankets and Fleece Blankets. 

Q1. Which one is warmer? Sherpa Blanket or Fleece Blanket

Ans. Sherpa Blanket is known to be the warmest fabric and best suited for chilly winters that hit India from December to February. Sherpa fleece is usually used for lining and not as a part of a coat or jacket.

Q2. Which one is Softer? Sherpa Blanket or Fleece Blanket

Though everyone’s level of expectation of softness is different, when compared to fleece blanket, Sherpa Blanket is softer on the skin than the other one. Sherpa fleece is known for being very fluffy, which is considered soft