Nothing beats the moment when you get to hold your little munchkin for the first time. Those moments are precious for the parents and their families. That is the time when you decide to provide your little ones with every type of comfort and care. Blankets are crucial for each infant as they are the first set of clothes that a new-born are covered with. It keeps them warm and gives them comfort. The baby blanket provides a new born with comfort and warmth, just like the mother’s belly.

Due to the constantly changing weather conditions of our country, it has become increasingly difficult to manage varying variety of quilts or blankets for every season. Also, adults can easily cope with changing weather conditions, but our little ones need some added layer of protection. One rarely compromises on quality when it comes to anything that will protect them.

Whether you are sleeping, lounging, or traveling, you want the best blanket for your baby that is soft, modern, breathable, and yet cozy. This is why you should choose a baby blanket that is on the top with parameters such as size, color, the material used, and design. The ones that ticks these boxes are Cotton Baby Blankets for your babies.

Why? Let us explain the reasons behind blankets made from cotton fabrics that are amust have for your little munchkins.

1.Cotton Baby Blankets are Low Maintenance

Babies are surely high maintenance, but their accessories shouldn’t be. When it comes to fabrics for kids’ blankets, 100% cotton steals the show as they are soft and adaptable to any condition. Cotton Baby Blankets are multi-purpose which can be used all season. Moreover, it is easy to wrap and wash. This 100% cotton baby blanket with a thermal weave is machine washable and safe to tumble dry.

2. Cotton Baby Blankets are Warm and Breathable

Are you aware of the fact that the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) has advised that newborns should be wrapped in an extra layer than adults or children normally wear in order to stay warm enough? One common obsession among the parents of newborns is to keep their temperatures regulated. Babies are exposed to uneven weather conditions of varying amount of heat, cold, wind and humidity. Cotton Baby Blankets from Pluchi fulfils the need of keeping your baby cosy and providing the required air at all times as they are warm yet breathable and have very soft hand feel.

3. Cotton Baby Blankets – Best Bet for All Year Around

If you are looking for a fabric that can be easily used all year round, Cotton Baby Blankets are the ones on which you can count on even with your eyes closed. As the Indian region experiences a variety of seasonal changes throughout the year so you need blankets that are cozy in summers and warm in winters and Pluchi Baby Blankets are ideal for that.Kids usually tend to develop allergies to fabrics such as synthetic or polyester. Therefore, Cotton-knitted blankets for kids are perfect. Also, while traveling to different places with different climatic conditions becomes easy as it is an all-season-friendly fabric. If you are looking to buy the best quality baby blankets, do check out the range of baby blankets available on


4. Cotton – The Smoothest Fiber you’ll ever know

Widely used around the world, Cotton is one of the fabrics that is viewed as the most comfortable materials. Along with being smooth and soft to touch, baby blankets made from cotton are stitched in a way that you won’t get long and loose fibers coming off the blanket as they might end up in your newborn’s throat. Effective at absorbing sweat and moisture, cotton is a very pleasing material to be wrapped around. Check the smoothest blankets at:

5.Organically-Weaved Cotton Blankets

Snuggle up your little one in a baby blanket that is purely made from Organic Cotton. Thermally-weaved, these blankets are made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified cotton which is the cream of the top. This is one of the world’s best-known certifications for textiles tested for harmful substances. These reversible blankets are big enough to get snuggled in and small enough to take your little one anywhere.

6.Cotton Blankets have an irresistible stitch

While designing the blankets, we made sure that they are being designed for the newborns.  These cotton blankets are stitched with colorful weaves and are adorned with interesting and chic designs that can be engaging for a child’s development. These reversible blankets will never bore you like simple designs do.

  1. Little Transporters Natural Colour 100% Cotton Knitted

Cotton-knitted blanket with minimal theme and transporters all over the blanket

2. Lions of Africa – Pale whisper 100% Cotton Knitted Blanket

Pale-Whisper colored blanket decorated with cartoons – Lions of Africa.

3. Explore Change Kids Blue Blanket – 100% Cotton knitted

A space-themed cotton blanket decorated with stars and spaceships.

4. Jungle Safari Med Aqua- 100% Cotton-Knitted Blanket

An aqua-themed jungle safari cotton blanket with giraffes and lions.

5. Flamingo- Pink 100% Cotton-Knitted Blanket

A pink-themed blanket decorated with flamingos all over it.

To keep your baby warm, safe, and comfortable, Pluchi has a dedicated range of cotton blankets. Made from organic cotton, these blankets are versatile, practical, cuddly, soft and breathable . Protect your new member’s childhood with soft, chic, warm, and playful blankets. You can check them out at: