Winter nights might be the time of the year when we just get attracted to our bed, and our blanket becomes our best companion.

Winter nights might be the time of the year when we just get attracted to our bed, and our blanket becomes our best companion. A blanket is a must in winter, and we can’t even think of having a tight sleep without one. So, one such kind of blanket is a Quilt and today we will divert all our concentration towards the cotton quilt. There are many types of cotton quilt online and today we will look into pluchi’s cotton quilt and why it is a must-have for every home.


1. It is made from 100% premium combed cotton:

Material is an important thing in a quilt because it determines how cozy it is. If we want to be warm in any situation it is best to go with cotton ones. Cotton will be gentle on the skin and further helps you to prevent rashes, etc. Our primary raw material, cotton, is from the best producers in the world, it is simply top class! This quilt is made from 100% premium combed cotton with polyester filling to make sure that our product gives you maximum satisfaction and also comfort.

2. Perfect size:

Size is an important factor that any buyer looks into while buying a quilt. This quilt size is made perfect to fit its purpose and also satisfy the customers. Perfection in size is another important factor for its popularity.

3. International Design, look and feel:

Our quilts are available in a wide range of designs and every design is carefully crafted to satisfy the customer.  Our quilts also have a very soft hand feel and are knitted for a fabulous look. This makes our product unique among other cotton quilt’s online.

4. Our quilts are reversible and also can be used as AC blankets:

Our cotton quilts are reversible i.e. they can be worn on either side. They also act as an AC blanket which means that they will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

5. No compromise in quality or service:

We want to give the best quality products for our customer that is why we will never compromise on the quality of materials and also our services are top-notch to help customers have a great time. Also, our quilt is free from any harmful substances (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified).

Snuggle up any time of the year with this luxuriously super soft quilt blanket. 100% knitted cotton shell with polyester filling; this blanket provides a cozy addition to any master suite, bedroom, or guest room. Plush and Chic! That’s Pluchi. These qualities define each and every product with our branding. Uncommon look, fresh and contemporary, simple graphics is the essence of our design. These are the things that make our cotton quilts a must for every home. So, for more information visit our online store. We are always happy to serve you.

With love, Pluchi.