Swaddling can make your baby feel more  safe and less likely to wake up during the startle reaction, which occurs as he sleeps. In addition, if your infant is over stimulated, it could aid in his calming down. The tiny pressure that is created by swaddling your baby's body may make him feel more secure. The feeling is similar to the pressure he once experienced in your womb (uterus). Encourage your infant to sleep if you can. However, keep in mind that some infants dislike the feeling of being swaddled. Your young child will inform you shortly! As soon as your infant begins to demonstrate the ability to roll onto his side or his stomach, stop swaddling him. He might not be able to flip himself over if he is wrapped in a blanket. This could make it challenging for him to breathe, raising the possibility of SIDS (SIDS). Always place your infant on his back to sleep.

Follow these guidelines to safely swaddle your child:

  • A thin cotton sheet or piece of muslin should be spread out flat with the top corner folded over to a depth of around 15 cm (6in).
  • Your infant should be placed on the sheet with his back towards you and his neck pressed up against the fold.
  • Your infant should have the top left corner of the sheet wrapped around his body and tucked under his left arm.
  • Draw the bottom left corner up over his torso and tuck it under his left arm and shoulder.
  • The right corner should be used to wrap your infant's back, leaving his head and neck free. You can gently roll your infant to wrap the fabric around him.
  • Give your kid adequate room to move his hips and knees without restriction so he can bend his hips upward and outward.
  • Some infants like having their arms free. If your infant likes this, simply repeat the swaddling procedures above and tuck each corner of the blanket under his armpit rather than over his shoulders.

Avoid swaddling your child too tightly as this could hinder his physical growth. Always make sure he has enough space to raise and spread his legs at the hips. He is more likely to experience hip issues if you swaddle him too tightly with his legs straight down and squeezed together (hip dysplasia).

Make sure your kid does not overheat and avoid covering his face or neck with the sheet. For swaddling, use a muslin cloth or a thin sheet. To make sure he is comfortable, periodically check his temperature. Instead of swaddling him to keep him warm, the goal is to make him feel safe. Swaddling should not be started while the risk of SIDS is at its maximum, between two and three months. If you choose to swaddle your baby, it is best to do so from birth and for both daytime and nighttime naps.

Make sure everyone caring for your baby is knowledgeable about proper swaddling techniques. Spend some time demonstrating how you do it so they can put your kid to sleep on his back. You decide how long your baby wears his swaddle each time, as long as his hips and legs have enough room to move and he appears peaceful and contented. For some special skin-to-skin time with your baby while breastfeeding, you could opt to take off his swaddling. Keep an eye out for your baby's indications to stop as well. Every day he starts to kick off his swaddle, your baby is probably no longer appreciating it.

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