Thanks to home design bloggers who share their favorite advice, ideas, and products with us, making a cozy, welcoming home is simpler than ever. When all you want is a second opinion on what the ideal paint color for your bedroom should be, it is simple to get sucked into click-bait websites.The skill of having a lovely and attractive house is known as home decor. Home decorating is another name for home décor. It refers to the decorative components used to enhance the appeal and visibility of a house. Physical goods and commodities like furniture, artwork, and accessories are included in home décor. the positioning of tangible things, colors of the room, and materials like flooring, window treatments, wall coverings, and ceilings. There are several types of home décor, and there are no restrictions on the colors, furniture designs, or furniture arrangement that can be used. Your home may be decorated with a variety of various objects from around the house.For instance, when it comes to home design, furniture and wall décor are only the start since they create a welcoming atmosphere and alter the way a home looks when we enter. Items for home décor should not have a functional use. An item becomes a part of your home dcor by virtue of its appearance. There is no requirement that this will be practical, although it may be. For instance, the wall hanger was chosen for house décor because of how it looks. For instance, temperature or sound insulation may have a functional purpose, but it does not exclude them from serving as a decorative element in a home.

  1. Pile on Plaid Throws & Cushion Covers

Fall Season is best for Swapping your Pastels for deeper hues like Charcoal & Burgundy. Plaid is the most ideal pattern that looks cozy during the fall. Add a Throw , lots of cushion covers or AC Blankets / Dohars for a great Fall makeover. Catch out these products from Pluchi that will help you encapsulate the Fall Look and feel.

  1. Tartan Plaid Cotton Knitted Double Bed AC Blanket / Dohar For Round The Year Use (White & Dark Grey)

    1. Mini Cable Knit - Brown Cotton Knitted Throw Blanket with Warm Sherpa Fabric Back

  1. Chunky Knit - Fossil Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (16" x 16")


2.Take it Outside

It is not winter yet and Fall is the perfect weather to revamp your outdoor cushion covers and throw pillows with fall-conducive colors if you are in a warmer climate like North or South India. Have a great outdoor fire pit and you can still hang outdoors with this fall friendly decor in cooler months. Catch out these products from Pluchi that will help you nail the Outdoors Look for Fall.

  1. Trellis - Stone & Natural Pure Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover

  1. Leaf - Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (Dove Beige & Natural) (18" x 18")

  1. Cute Bunny - Cotton Knitted Embroiderd Cushion Cover (Stone & Natural) (16" x 16")

  1. Hip Hop Hooray - Cotton Knitted Cushion Cover (Cameo Pink & Natural) (16" x 16")

 3. Hanging A Cotton Quilt

During Fall you can soften any wall even those having wooden accents with textiles like Cotton Quilts in brighter hues. More Bonus points if you opt for Cotton Quilts in bright English Colors from Pluchi. Catch out our exclusive New Launch of Cotton Quilts here:

  1. Quardline Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Cadet Blue)

  1. Quardline Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Oat)

  1. Botanic Mist Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Pink Pearl)

  1. Botanic Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Scenic Green)


  1. Astral Cotton Knitted Single Bed Dohar / Quilt (Indus Blue)