The simple pleasures of being at home must be relearned in the wake of this pandemic. Today, our homes are our top concern for each of us, therefore this lockdown witnessed the most adornment additions. Even though you constantly want your house to be up to date with the newest trends, doing so is frequently challenging and expensive. There are, however, a few quick ways to improve your room and keep it modern. Making a few adjustments to your soft furnishings, such as your decorative cushions and throw pillows, is the simplest method to accomplish this.

One should be encouraged to practice mindful living through the design style and sensitivity of their home. Cushion coverings, for example, can assist create a quiet, joyful, and harmonious atmosphere in the home. Happiness is evoked by vivid and delicate floral motifs that are hand stitched in pastel colors with beautiful frills, ruffles, and pleats. All of these components, as well as the warm, gentle colors, represent delicate minimalism. In order to create a setting that encourages awareness and peaceful life, this design concept blends a variety of styles, including Mediterranean, alabaster-white fringes with stark backgrounds, shabby chic features, and natural textiles.

  1. Amara- Natural & Yellow Color Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (18" x 18")

  1. Hip Hop Hooray - Cotton Knitted Cushion Cover (Cameo Pink & Natural) (16" x 16")

  1. There's No Place Like Home - Stone Color Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (18" x 18")

  1. Bunny in Check - Cotton Knitted Cushion Cover (Natural & Black) (16" x 16")

  1. Stripe Square- Natural & Riple Green Cotton Knitted Decorative Cushion Cover (18" x 18")