After the initial thrill of a friend or family member announcing they are expecting a baby wears off, the focus quickly shifts to what to get them as a gift. A thoughtful and useful baby gift is something that new parents will cherish for years to come, whether they are planning a lavish baby shower or keeping things simple and low-key. A baby shower is an excellent opportunity to help them get some of the things they need for their new bundle of joy, in addition to celebrating the impending arrival of a baby (and catching up with the parents-to-be before they get swept up in the world of parenthood!). While some parents prefer to have their guests surprise them with a gift at their baby shower, others prefer to set up a gift registry to ensure that they only receive items that they require and will use. However, there is no requirement that you purchase from a gift registry if one exists.

These suggestions should help you find the perfect present for an upcoming baby shower if you have decided to choose your own thoughtful and unique gift.

  1. Consider the parents' preferences and styles.

What do they like to do in their spare time? What is their personal fashion sense? Do they prefer a more minimal style or do they prefer bright patterns and bold colours? Do they have any interests outside of work, such as sports, music, or reading? Are they environmentally conscious? The personality of the soon-to-be parents can often inspire a great gift idea for their new baby.

  1. Get ideas from the baby gift registry.

If the baby shower has a registry, look through it to get some ideas for what the parents might require. The baby's gift registry may also give you a hint about the style and colour palette they have chosen for the nursery, which can help you shop for clothes and accessories.

  1. It is all about functionality.

Practical items that assist new parents are always well received; they appreciate items that they can use frequently and for as long as possible.

  1. Take into account the product's life cycle.

With so many clothes and accessories (not to mention all the gear!) that babies require, it is worth considering how long the gift you are giving will be useful. If the item is of good quality, it may be passed down to another child once the baby has outgrown it. Some items, such as blankets and play mats, can be used from the time a baby is born until the child is a toddler. Look for items that are well-made from high-quality materials, will withstand normal wear and tear, and will stand the test of time.

  1. Keep it neutral if you are unsure.

Many baby products are now available in a variety of unisex prints and colours, making them less gendered. If you are not sure if they are having a boy or a girl, gifts in yellow, green, brown, and grey are lovely gender-neutral options.

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