Stuffed animals are a must-have in every child's room. In fact, a stuffed animal is very likely to be a child's only toy. The fluffy dolls come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any taste, from tigers to penguins, dogs to elephants. Stuffed animals retain their appeal for children even in an age of fancy LEGO sets and flashy electronic toys. Here's why your child is obsessed with stuffed animals and teddy bears.

  1. They promote the nurturing of children.

Children want to play the adult after being bossed around all day. Stuffed animals are ideal for a child's pretend care and discipline. They are small, light, humanoid, and completely obedient. Children feel capable and in control when they play "mommy" or "daddy" to a stuffed animal. According to some child development experts, imaginative play is essential for their mental and social development. After all, nothing compares to having a 'baby' with a kitty face or an alligator tail when you are three.

  1. They’re always smiling.

Life's disappointments have no effect on stuffed animals. They always greet their owners with heartwarming, reassuring smiles, no matter how many times they are dropped, sat on, or left alone. Whatever is going on in the child's life, those fuzzy, happy faces make the world seem a better place. Teddy is never disappointed, whether it is by his mother, father, or teacher.

  1. They give the best hugs.

Nothing beats a warm, squishy hug to chase away the blues, and nothing beats a stuffed animal for warmth or squishiness. Furthermore, stuffed animals will accept long and intense hugs without gasping for air or rushing away to answer the phone. Hugging a toy robot or a Barbie doll, on the other hand, just does not compare.

  1. They are simple to clean.

Nothing is easier for a child than picking up stuffed animals from the floor after a game. Their overstuffed bodies are gentle on small hands, and putting them away usually entails throwing them onto the child's bed (with glee). When the stuffed animal itself needs to be cleaned, a quick spin in the washing machine usually suffices. Picking up a barrel of building blocks, on the other hand, is a real chore, and it hurts when you step on them.

  1. They are reliable.

Most toys break down after a while, but stuffed animals last a long time. Stuffed animals are not prone to bending, breaking, or denting. They do not have broken screens, dead batteries, or missing components. A child can pick up or put down a stuffed animal whenever they want, without making a fuss. They are ideal for taking on a road trip or a plane flight. A needle, some thread, and a little extra fluff can be used to repair a ripped stuffed animal. Stuffed animals are the ideal friends, with their forgiving smiles, cuddly hugs, and long-lasting durability.

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