A throw blanket is a classic that achieves the right mix between purposeful design and simple warmth, whether it’s on your couch, bed, or elegantly thrown on a small ladder.

They’re also great to have around when there’s a cold in the air or when you have guests around and need to convert the floor into a large comfortable sitting arrangement.

If you’re looking for a new throw to add to your home, I’ve compiled a list of my five favourite throw blanket trends to get you started. Also, there will be no judgement from me if you are unable to select and end up with one in each category!

1.Throws of Neutral Colors & Shades

Throws in Neutral Colors & Shades may be easily incorporated into both a minimalist and more maximalist design style. A good throw blanket simply adds to, rather than detracts from, the environment it’s in, so give yourself plenty of time to figure out what colours and forms would work best for your home. Pluchi is a great place to look if you want the most exquisite knitted elegantly and textured in extremely soft and quality combed cotton. Their top 3 throws include Chunky Jersey – Stone ColorClassical Throw – Pale Whisper and Chunky Seed Stitch – Light Grey

2. Throws that resemble Winter Clothes & Accessories

A nice throw blanket is always welcomed, no matter what time of year it is. Use them to cuddle up on a winter’s day, then put them in the living room to bring colour to your area by mimicking a winter’s day.

You may also experiment with throws that resembleWinter Clothes & Accessories, which are wonderful for softening a home, while cotton throws provide layers when you feel like your space is lacking in something throughout the winter. Check out Bright & Happy – Red & Natural Color and Jingle All the Way – Red & Natural Color they are the best available in the market that you can use for yourself and gift to your loved ones.

3. Nordic Designs

The Nordic trend is inspired by what is occurring in the Denmark design scene. It emphasises the interplay of colours and natural, weaving textures, surfaces, and materials with minimal design. Nordic fusion is reminiscent of Scandinavian style and is classic, rustic, contemporary, and modern all at the same time.What’s great about choosing a Nordic throw over a solid is its capacity to give new movement to whatever space it’s in while still feeling the history and providing warmth. Whether the design is small, basic, and hardly apparent, or loud, strong, and unmistakable, your attention will be pulled to the Nordic throw wherever it is placed, creating a new flow to the space. Nautical Chains – Navy & Natural Color and Blaze – Royal Blue are the two best Nordic design based throws available at Pluchi

4. Knitted Throws

A beautiful knit throw is a warm and flexible classic that can be used as an extra layer of bedding or as a sweater. Knitted throws are ideal for keeping a chill at bay and adding a decorative touch to the back of a sofa. Made Throw Blanket is wonderfully textured and knitted in very soft and quality combed cotton. It is suitable for usage all year. A matching throw may add a warm appearance and feel to your living room, couch, or bed. Check out Chunky Popcorn – Chocolate Brown and Classical Throw – Light Grey, they are two top-selling knitted throws from Pluchi.

5. Bright Color Throws

Bright colours are calming, and combining the ultimate comfort of a throw blanket with the warming power of the source being as hot as the sun is a match made in minimalist heaven. Check out the best bright colour throws from Pluchi. Top 3 bright colour throws include Chunky Seed Stitch – Dark RedChunky Seed Stitch – Estate Blue and Marigold – Mustard.