Have you ever thought about how humanity would have ever survived without blankets when the temperature goes down and the winter season sets? Thanks to Flemish weaver Thomas Blanquette, who thought about such a soft sheet to snuggle in winters. The early blankets were made from wool, well known for their cozy and fire-resistant properties.

When it’s time to cozy up with the Sherpa blankets in the winter season, everyone wants the best. From soft, fresh, and cuddly, your new blanket should have qualities that you might not even think about. Sherpa Blankets make everything cozy and comfortable, especially during the coldest nights. Sherpa Blankets acts as a protective layer against the radiant heat being lost, trapping it instead in the user’s body.

This cold-weather essential is literally what our skins need during the chilly winters as it comes with two layers: fuzzy Sherpa on one side, and plush cotton on the other. Available in eye-soothing colors, this multi-colored cotton-knitted double bed blanket with warm Sherpa fabric is all that you need to spend snuggly winters with your loved ones.

Want to shop around some blankets for your loved ones or gifting in these Christmassy winters?

No worries! We have got you covered with some of our curated options with designs that will not bore you out and will give your home a vibrant feel.

1. Azzo – Multicoloured Cotton-Knitted Double Layered Sherpa Blanket

Don’t you feel that this red-chequered cotton blanket will amp up your bedroom and make a style statement without being too loud? Sherpa is a knit fabric used to make winter wear and even household items. This fabric provides a cozier feel, making it perfect to use during the cooler months. Cotton-knitted blankets containing Sherpa fabric on another side retain the body heat, are soft, snuggly, and breathable. These blankets by Pluchi are lightweight and easily machine washable.

Made from 100% premium combed-cotton shell and layered with high-quality Sherpa fabric on the other side, these double-layered Sherpa blankets are available in many eye-soothing colors and are free from harmful substances. Looking for giving up your bedroom a major makeover this winter? Just change your blanket as it is the main spot of attraction when you enter the room. The qualities that these cotton quilts possess make it a perfect selection for gifting it to your loved ones.

Have a glimpse at these multi-coloured double layered Sherpa blankets at: https://pluchi.com/collections/sherpa-blankets-throws/products/azzo-multicolor-cotton-knitted-double-bed-blanket-layered-with-warm-sherpa-fabric-plshaz104137

 2. Leopard Design – Cotton – knitted Single Bed Sherpa Blanket

If you are a person who soon gets bored out of one bedding or blanket, then this leopard-designed cotton blanket can be another quick throw to your shopping cart for chilly winters. Perfect for neutral addition to your bedding so that you can snuggle up or have a hot chocolate beneath it, this Sherpa blanket is a must-have. It is made from 100% premium combed cotton and layered with high-quality warm Sherpa fabric. It can be used in any way as it is a reversible blanket. Just have a glimpse at the blanket: https://pluchi.com/collections/sherpa-blankets-throws/products/leopard-design-pale-whisper-cotton-knitted-single-bed-blanket-layered-with-warm-sherpa-fabric-plshslpd100216

3. Solimo- Navy Cotton-Knitted Single Bed Sherpa Blanket

If you are one of those personalities who like to have theme-based blankets to amp up your interiors, then this blanket features an eye-catchy design and style such as anchors. The face of the blanket features our ultra-soft micro plush made of plush combed cotton, reversing to our super soft and cozy Sherpa, making it perfect for snuggling. Designed for the most sacred time of the day when you are busting off your stress, this throw blanket by Pluchi features a premium, elegant, and plush feeling. It will provide an equally stylish look on the sofa or rocking chair. Have a look at the design and fall in love with it. We bet; you will add it to your cart. https://pluchi.com/collections/sherpa-blankets-throws/products/solimo-navy-cotton-knitted-single-bed-blanket-layered-with-warm-sherpa-fabric-pltwnblnktslmo6701

4. Red & Ivory Cotton-knitted Sherpa Blanket for Kids

Celebrate the season in all its winter glory with the blanket that already gives you Christmas vibes. Lightweight and breathable, this cotton baby blanket consists of premium combed cotton on one side, Polyester Sherpa on the other side, and is great to snuggle in with your little munchkins, and your lovely pet. Also, it is machine-washable, wrinkle-proof, and won’t pill. Snuggling with your little munchkin with some of the soft toys will be a great fun time during the winter holidays.

 Make sure to check this one out also. Click on the link: https://pluchi.com/collections/kids-sherpa-blankets/products/winter-fun-red-ivory-cotton-knitted-blanket-with-sherpa-fabric-for-kids-kdsthrwtf372

5. Christmas Truck – Light Grey and Ivory Cotton-knitted Sherpa Blanket for kids

Another blanket that will amp your child’s bedroom during the winters and protects his/her delicate skin from the harsh winters. Sherpa blankets will keep your baby warm, dry, and effectively wicks away the moisture. Featuring an eye-catchy design and such a soft knit design with premium combed cotton, it can be a perfect Christmas gifts for your little munchkins or your loved ones who haven’t thought of buying a baby blanket and are soon expecting a baby.

With a white-colored Sherpa lining, this dual-sided blanket expertly mixes style and substance leaving you with chic and comfortable winter cover. Do check it out once: https://pluchi.com/products/christmas-truck-light-grey-ivory-cotton-knitted-blanket-with-sherpa-fabric-for-kids-kdspchtr1022104123

 If you are the one who is looking for the cotton blankets that feature exquisite designs and premium made quality, Pluchi has got you covered. Also, adding new set of Sherpa blankets can instantly change the look of the furniture and protect you from extreme chilly winters at the same time.

We hope that you will like these simple and unique Sherpa blankets. If you are bored of your home décor and are finding some inspirations for revamping it, do check out some of the ideas in our blog sections. We have the best curated options by Pluchi for every mood and furniture. Made from STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, all the throw blankets by Pluchi ensure that they do not contain harmful substances.